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Re: Next expansion; first hints

Posted: 23 Oct 2009 11:39
by Roninman
Muutenhan tuo näyttää kyllä hyvältä mutta se että nämä maget myöskin lyövät takaisin yhtä kovin ei välttämättä. Siinä kun menet kohti ja olet jo ottanut osumaa jonkin verran, niin pitäisi sitten iholla ollessa saada se lämä tuntumaan. Ainoastaan mageilla on kevyemmät panssarit=Bone päällä ja vieläkun ei tiedä paljonko resistejä tulee lisää, niin on vaikea sanoa lopputulosta. Se että jousella ampujat ovat varteenotettava tekijä tullaan vasta patchin jälkeen näkemään, tosin ennen tätä nykyistä magevyöryä nuoliakin lenteli jo aika vaarallisesti. Oikeaan suuntaan silti ollaan menossa.

Toivotaan kun tekevät melee-spesialistia jossain vaiheessa niin myös hekin saavat jotain bonuksia. Tällä hetkellä kuitenkin esim. jousiampujat voivat käyttää raskaampia panssareita castereiden sijaan huolettomasti, jos halutaan melee spesialistit niin lisää bonuksia kaivataan. Mutta niinkuin aiemmin sanottiin niin vauriossa mennään kohta siihen kohtaan, että pieni nuolisade keskimatkalta saa sinut alas sekunnissa tai parissa mikä ei ole hyvä. Tässä vaiheessa ei paljoa taktikoida vaan otetaan yksi kohde ja vedetään kerta toisensa jälkeen alas.

Re: Next expansion; first hints

Posted: 10 Nov 2009 09:43
by Kingfish ... p?t=220850

Spotlight on Expansion skills.
We have previously mentioned that with the upcoming Darkfall expansion: Conquer the Seas, the skill system for melee and archery will be getting some love in the form of Skill Extensions and Specialties.

We managed to wrest some muchly coveted details from our humble devs this week and thought we would share them with you before they greedily snatch them back!

The skill extensions will focus mostly (but not exclusively) on melee and ranged combat. Some examples are Rage, a high mana cost skill that will temporarily buff your resistances to magic while at the same time giving you some healing. Disabling Shot and Disabling Blow will interrupt an enemy and disable their blocking skill for a given time.

Ontop of these combat skills there will also be many new specialties added which you can use to focus and hone which battle style suits you best. Among the many various paths and advantages offered there will be two skills that give you a double jump or the opportunity to dodge attacks with a double tap in a certain direction.

Another skill extension currently in testing is called Spotter. Spotter would enable you to identify other players from great distances.

The new racial skills will also come in with Darkfall's Conquer the Seas Expansion. These will be the first tier in racial identity and will introduce certain passive abilities that each race will have to their unique advantage. Alfar, for example, have a greater affinity for magic while Mahirim have always been swift of foot (or rather, paw). Mirdain rely on their keen sight and Orks are tough and able to withstand more damage than most.

Bear in mind that the skills mentioned here are far from a complete list but rather some examples to shed a little light on things to come.

Re: Next expansion; first hints

Posted: 13 Nov 2009 17:10
by Kingfish ... p?t=220951

Expansion Spotlight – Player Vendors and new house type
Today we bring you a little bit of additional information about the new player vendors that will be added to the game with the upcoming “Conquer the Seas" expansion.

To start with, player Vendors are unlocked as house extensions which means you will have to find them before you can add one to your house.

Once you got a hold of the appropriate item it will enable you to have your very own little gnome vendor setting up shop outside your house. Happily counting the money he'll make for you, always on the lookout for potential customers.

You can not only add items to sell and set individual prices for either single objects or stacks of objects, you can create categories and name them to your hearts content so your customers have a more convenient browsing experience.

Adding items to your vendor won't cost any money and you can switch them around, take them off and reprice them at any time. However when you sell an item, a little fee is deducted from the selling price.

For the bloodthirsty among you, no you can't kill those vendors, shush go hunt some newbies!
They can also not be used by other players or friends to sell their own things but you can of course pass on your items to a friend and have him/her sell those items through his/her vendor.

The Vendor will have a limit of items you can put up so the ones among you who probably already thought of using them as banks, will be slightly disappointed.

For buyers:
You will be able to chose to either pay the price for the item directly from your backpack or you can chose to pay more safely from your personal bank account which will however add an additional fee to the price.

To calm some of your concerns about not getting a Vendor yourself:
with the new expansion there will be almost 800 house plots available and as mentioned before, nothing stops you from making a deal with a friend to have him or her sell your items through his/her vendor.

Since we are talking about houses already, the Developers let us in in another little secret:
Additionally to the big feature list there will be a new player owned house type available. We learned that the Keep is a new player owned house that is considerably bigger then the villa. By applying the right items in the Keep, you can increase its friend slots to ten friends, making it an ideal home for small clans or groups of friends. Coupled with the introduction of local house banking and the before mentioned player vendors, village life has never been better.

And with this expansion there will even be another fun way to make some money in your new house but more about this at a later point!

One of the little guys was kind enough to let us take a picture for you!

Re: Next expansion; first hints

Posted: 13 Nov 2009 17:11
by Kingfish
Second Developer spotlight article
With the expansion release coming closer and closer, we decided to pry a couple of developers away from their desks for a few minutes and bring you some information about what they are working on.

This time it was the AI team's turn. They have been hard at work the past few months and they where quite eager to reveal some of the improvements and additions that players will experience with Darkfall's second free expansion, “Conquer the Seas”.

First, the wildlife creatures that we mentioned in a previous spotlight article will be introduced to the game with the upcoming expansion. The AI team also had quite a few things to add when talking about this new feature.

The wildlife creatures of Darkfall will be non aggressive and they will be found in every corner of Agon, thus satisfying the player request for a more alive and immersive world. While they will not be much of a challenge to kill because of their low health, they will not be sitting there idly while you pepper them with arrows or cut them down with your swords. Running away is the only defense they have, so expect to do some proper hunting.

Once killed, these creatures will provide the aspiring hunters with resources like leather and meat, essentially becoming a new resource gathering node of sorts. Also some of these animals, depending on their actual real life habits, will form packs and follow a pack leader around. Those packs will of course scatter and run away when they are attacked.

Another thing to note is that the monsters of the world will interact with these animals as well. Some will attack and kill them, while others will protect and even heal them. There will be of course monsters that completely ignore the wildlife as their only concern is ripping players apart.

Additionally, the AI team revealed some major changes in the AI system. This is something that they have been working on for quite a while and the changes will be substantial. As they told us, this is the first major AI overhaul for Darkfall and one that will change the PvE aspect of the game quite a bit. Of course they have addressed a series of AI bugs such as monsters de-spawning suddenly among others but the big news here is the changes and additions.

The first thing that they stressed is that the monsters have been rebalanced in such a way that now, players will need to use a variety of tactics, depending on what they are fighting, to be victorious. To be more specific, monsters will now have different weaknesses and strengths that players will need to figure out. Some examples of this diversification of the monsters include skeletons being more resistant to piercing damage while being very susceptible to bludgeoning damage and fire elementals being next to immune to fire damage while ice damage will do the job a lot better.

That does not mean that certain types of damage will be all together useless on specific monsters, but let's just say that figuring out the weakness of a monster and using it against it will be way more efficient.

Additionally there has been a reconfiguration of the AI that will make the monsters react differently on player actions, making them a lot harder to outsmart.

Because of these changes, the health of many monsters has been reduced so that the PvE experience will be more challenging and diverse but not frustrating. Also the loot of many of the monsters has been increased to be in accordance to the increased challenge they will pose and it will also be more random so that every kill will not provide you with the exact same items every time. The AI team hinted that, after the expansion, it would be worth trying to kill some of the monsters that right now do not have noteworthy loot, as you will be pleasantly surprised by their new loot drops.

As a final note, these changes should give a boost to the economy, as different types of weapons will be now required to defeat different monsters. With the correct choice of weapon, melee can be the preferable combat option in many cases. Additionally, these changes should encourage diversity in magic usage as well; for example de-buffing will play a much more important role in exposing a monster's weakness.

As a closing comment, they AI team told us that players will need to think a lot differently than they do now, when it comes to PvE in Darkfall.

We hope you enjoyed reading. Stay tuned for our next Developer spotlight article.